ZUNO Fruit Teas
ZUNO Fruit Teas offer a variety of unique, fair trade fruit tea blends from across the globe. Unlike many of ZUNO's contemporaries, ZUNO is purposely trying to attract a younger audience. Fruit tea is typically considered a slightly more mature choice of drink for middle-aged and older adults, but ZUNO is trying to break this perception and get younger people enjoying the healthy benefits of fruit tea.​​​​​​​
The soft gradient packaging was inspired by the tea defusing into the water and the illustrations are based on the particular flavour. I came up with the playful visual of putting fruit into a teabag over boring tea leaves that would appeal to the target audience. The intention is to feel bold and youthful but not too loud or edgy. I chose not to cover the packaging with a pattern as I feel this has been done to death on fruit tea brands, so instead have drawn all the attention of colour/pattern into a single circle device which sits in white space.
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